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QBS Design (Quality Business Services Design) is a creative firm
of professionals that specializes in the production of tangible and intangible applied graphics for commercial use.

We aid in the direct creative process and production processes for the usage of commercial graphics,
marketing collateral, apparel products, signage, vehicle signage, display graphics, promotional products,
web media, web site design.

Our target markets are nano cap, micro cap, small businesses, micro-organizations, non-profit organizations and
individuals in business or on the verge of starting a business enterprise
with the intent or desire to generate revenue and or visibility.

We produce totally customized marketing solutions. We promise
to give your company or organization an identity that is distinctive, relative, and scalable across
all platforms for your business enterprise.

For a brief consultation about how we can help you to strengthen your
marketing presence, call us at 267.342.1934.