The brochure serves as an opening view into your business. It is the one
collateral product that your clients view and hold close to them as an entry and
connection point to your business.

The brochure is the character of your business being placed on paper.
It must tell a short story. Although it cannot be the all inclusive platform
due to limited space, it can serve as the strong focal point as to which you'd
like your client(s) to follow.

The brochure is not necessarily a separate piece of collateral that exists away
from the other collateral products such as the business card and or the letterhead
and envelope. Although it is physically a separate collateral piece, it should flow
in terms of design and production along with the other collateral products.

The brochure should be informative, and a memorable informational product.
After all, it is the collateral design piece that speaks when you are not around.
Your brochure design can potentially opens doors to new clients and maintain
retainage of your current clientele.

Most brochures are printed on 80lb text weight glossy stock. The brochure can
have a finish called a varnish or another popular finish called 'acqueous'.
The above finishes are the norm for brochure print production.

Brochures can also be finished with heavier weighted stocks such as cover weight
stocks and even water proofed / water resistant stocks which is pricier than the
former, but may serve to enhance your targeted presentation.

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