Full color flyers for businesses, organizations, and/or event use.
Turnaround time 3-4 days. Flyers are 14pt card stock
full bleed, 4/0, 4/1, or 4/4 production with high premium gloss coating.
Pricing does not include Graphic design services
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Size: 2.75 x 4.25

Size: 3 x 4

Flyers are one of the quickest and easiest ways to promote an event or to promote
a product or a service to the public. Flyers provide information about one of the
above and overall inform the public. Flyers are put together using paper, printing,
typography, images, and last but not least graphic design.

Our staff of designers have a combined 20+ years of experience designing flyers for
events, a product or a service.

We take flyer design very seriously as we are a group of graphic designers who have
studied graphic design using type, images and paper types. The paper your design is printed
on is just as important as the design itself. There are some instances
where paper type may not matter. Let us help you determine the importance of the paper
at the time in which you are considering flyer creation for your event, product or service.

Once you have your flyers in hand, your next move should be distribution of your flyers.
We normally ask our clients the purpose of their getting a flyer done based on the type of
business they have. If an organization is requesting this service, we inquire about distribution
as well. Most of our clients have the reasoning for their flyer creation planned before they
reach us.

Trust and be assured that your flyer design is in the right hands. After we design your flyer,
and you have your flyers distributed, you can witness the results that a well designed flyer
can help to create.

Flyer design is important. We believe and can confirm through experience that a flyer should possess
the following traits. Clear readable fonts, strong color combinations, symmetry and composition.
Many people approach flyer design as if it is somewhat trivial and such an easy task to accomplish!
The truth of the matter is that this is only really easy for well trained graphic designers with
experience with emphasis on photographic design and or very good typography skills.

Besides clear and readable fonts, a flyer should actually possess no more than 2 different fonts
for cohesiveness. At least one or both of the fonts should come from a font family. A font family
is a font that can be regular, bold and italicized. Helvetica is a good font to experiment with
when putting a flyer design together.

Strong color combinations help to deliver your flyer message and helps your message to
connect with your targeted audience. We can't stress enough the importance of strong and really
correct color combinations.

Many novices who claim to be able to design a flyer will normally
struggle when it comes to using the right colors to convey your message effectively as well as fonts.
This will normally cause a disaster during the process which will normally go unnoticed by you
even as you may be paying the novice designer. We've witnessed plenty of poorly designed flyers
which we have re-designed for business owners who have tried to design their flyer themselves or who
have used a novice designer in an attempt to save money on design.

Flyer design is a serious matter and we take every measure to provide
you with quality work and the implementation of our expertise so that your flyer is eye catching and
memorable and helps to add to your bottom line.

We proof the design of your flyer with you before we print via email. We send an email
that you in turn reply to, to confirm your flyer is ready to be printed.