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Company Policy

Please Note: All orders are pre-paid via bank debit card or credit card.
No personal checks. All orders are processed electronically. We do not accept
cash payment(s). Company checks are accepted with a minimum order of $300.00(USD).
To place your order, you must have an account which is set up with the help of a QBS
representative or online.

Client jobs that require graphic design and print are billed together in full
before any printing is completed.

All orders are delivered via United Parcel Service/FedEx or United States Postal
Service unless otherwise agreed to per order. Deliveries made by a QBS representative
will a incur a $25 non-refundable delivery fee.

Color matching
We do not match colors exactly. To match colors exactly through Pantone or Tru Match,
the CMYK color code must be provided along with a current sample from an authorizing
agent. To provide Pantone or Tru Match samples, a $100 non-refundable color match fee
is required.

Production & Turnaround time(s)
All orders require a 2 - 4 day turnaround time. Digital printing is normally a 1 - 2 day
turnaround time. Certain orders will require a 5 - 7 day turnaround.
Orders that require a 5 - 7 day turnaround time that are requestd sooner are considered
a rush order and may or may not be accommodated at time of request.

All rush orders incur a 50% price mark-up. We are not responsible for untimely
delivery of rush orders completed by us but that are delivered by a third party such as
UPS, FedEX or United States Postal Service.

Logo design requires a deposit to get started. The full deposit made for logo design is
non-refundable once the logo design process starts.

All designs sent via email will have 'proof' on the artwork. A Kill fee of 15%
has been implement to protect both parties during the logo design process.
20% of your total deposit amount is reserved for Kill fee.
If client is not satisfied with the logo compositions created by QBS Design,
20% of the client's initial deposit amount will be refunded.

80% of the balance of your deposit is used during composition creation.

An on-line contract for the completion of your logo is established for all
interested clients.

All orders must be proofed and approved by client or an authorizing agent. Orders can
be verbally approved over the phone, text message or email.
An 'Okay to print' must be placed in the subject line of the email or text message or
in the body content of the sent message for the order to be approved for printing

We accept no liability for print jobs that were verbally approved, but not approved through
text message or email. The client must pay for a reprint of the job. Clients that
approve a job for print and do not notice errors at the time of proofing or proof reading
must pay for a reprint of the job. QBS Design is not liable for printing errors if
the final proof was approved by the client for printing/production.

Our banners are 13oz. vinyl which are for indoor and outdoor use. All banners come with
grommets unless otherwise agreed to. T-shirt orders require a deposit for artwork
and screens/digital screens. We do not provide clients with screens.

We do not provide clients with native file formats of completed artwork or psd files
or master files from any native software where artwork has been created for resale.

We are not responsible for returning any photographs or supplied pictures provided
in any format. Jobs or projects that require photography will incur additional fee(s).

Website design
Web site or web page design and or programming of a web site or web page requires
a contract and consultation. Please refer to our web site design policy and agreement.

From the time payment for your order is received, QBS Design requires a 24 - 48 hour
design timeframe to produce a proof for your job. Same day design requests
incur additional fees.

Designs that require more attention and time will require 72 hours + of design time
which QBS Design will alert the client about once the submitted job is processed.

QBS is not liable for producing any proof(s) without payment.

Client is granted a partial credit toward his/her account in the event the client
does not receive a paid for proof in at least 72 hours after payment has been made.

Speculatory work/employment
QBS Design does not entertain or engage in speculatory employment. We will not provide
comps (compositions of design(s)) without requested consideration for a proposed
project which require graphic design services. For more information on speculatory /
speculative work practices, refer to 'The Graphic Artist's Guild Pricing and Ethical
guidelines handbook copyright 2018 edition.

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